Having helped many families with their Control4 system over the last 10+ years, we wanted to share what we have learned.  There are three different situations that people find themselves in.


1) You bought a home and inherited a Control4 system

Is it worth keeping or is it better to take out and put in something else?

It depends on how old it is and how much of it is working.  When we meet with people in this situation we determine the status of the system and then make recommendations all at no charge.  Many people prefer to spend a minimum amount required to get the system operational which we are happy to do.  We also provide an estimate for what it would take to get the system up to date.

Which parts of the Control4 system are worth keeping?

  • If there is a Control4 lighting system, those tend to last a long time.  We recommend keeping it.  We can clean up programming so the buttons function properly.
  • If there is an audio system which plays through in-ceiling speakers, we recommend keeping it.  We can help make it more user friendly for you.

There may be a few other items worth keeping if they are working well including Control4 thermostats, door locks, cameras, etc.  We can look at these and help you make an informed decision of what you want to keep.

If there is any outdated or non-functioning equipment, we can remove it (and recycle).  We can also install non-Control4 equipment that may be a better choice for your family.

2) You installed a Control4 system years ago when you built the house

Is it worth spending some money to upgrade it?

People in this situation often ask us if we are still installing Control4 or if there is a better system out there.  The short answer is that yes, we still install new Control4 systems for people.  Yes there are other systems out there, but Control4 is still one of the best ones and is less expensive than many other systems that are professionally installed.

With regards to upgrading the Control4 system, clients usually have a good idea how much they like using the system.  Control4 merged with a larger company Snap AV a few years ago and they are working very hard to improve their products and customer experiences.  So if you enjoy your system, you will appreciate the improvements Control4 has made.  If you do not enjoy your system, we can scale back the parts that you are not happy with and replace with simpler, easy to use, commercially available products.

3) You are building a house and are considering installing Control4

Is Control4 a good investment for your home?

Control4 is a premium system for people who place a high value on the comforts and conveniences of a technology enhanced home.  A Control4 system and an experienced installation company can transform your house to a luxury home that you helped design for your families personal preferences.  The systems are not “budget friendly”, but nothing luxury ever is.  The system will also require maintenance and updates very similar to owning a higher end car.

What are the primary benefits of a Control4 system?

  • A full home lighting system makes it very convenient to control all of the lights in your home from your phone or on-wall touchscreens.  Lighting control also allows you to create custom lighting for the best ambience for each room during the day or at night.
  • An audio system can be easily controlled with keypad buttons and touchscreens.  You can walk into a room and press a button to play some music to lift the mood.
  • Automated shades can be a huge time saver and very convenient.  Press a button to open the shades on the main floor or close all shades when heading out. Shades can be programmed to open and close on a schedule.

General Guide (Short Answer)

Manufacturers of TVs and phones come out with a new product line every year.  Vehicle manufacturer’s and Control4 systems come out with products about every 5 years.

  • If your system is 0-5 yrs old: Then you have the latest hardware or close to it.  The software probably just needs updating.
  • If your system is 5-10 yrs old: Then your system is still good, it’s just a generation behind.  It can still be a great system with some updates and regular maintenance.
  • If your system is 10+ yrs old: Then we recommend looking at replacing it or enjoying what it does until it stops.  We can fix it up as best we can, but Control4 doesn’t support systems that old.