Music Distribution

Listen to your favorite music streaming service, radio station or personal music collection anywhere in your home with in-ceiling speakers.  Music can be played in individual rooms or in multiple rooms simultaneously.  You can control the station, music source, and volume with your cell phone, tablet or touchscreen.  The software is easy and simple to use so that both kids and parents will have no difficulty listening to their favorite music.




Camera Doorstation

Use your cell phone, tablet or touchscreen to view and speak to those at your front door.  The camera door station allows you to view your visitors and speak to them directly using your phone – even if you are away from your home! It also keeps track of the last 20 people who were at your door.



Temperature Control

Most of our clients choose to include temperature control in their home automation system.  You can create a schedule or override the temperature with your cell phone, thermostat or touchscreen.  If you leave on a trip and forget to adjust your temperature, you can set a new schedule and adjust the temperature while you are away. 


Video Distribution

If you have multiple TVs in your home, your cable provider requires you to purchase or rent a cable box for each TV.  With our video distribution system only 1 or 2 cable boxes are required for entire home. This means that multiple TVs can access the same cable box individually or simultaneously.  You can also record a movie on your TV in the kitchen, and be able to watch that movie later on in the family room.  We can also integrate your AppleTV and Blu-Ray player to watch on all TVs.  Instead of the video equipment being stored in each room it is placed on an equipment rack in the basement.




Use your cell phone or touchscreen to arm and disarm your security system while at home.  You can also disarm your security system remotely if someone comes by to check your plants and pets, for example, while on holidays.  Once that person leaves, you can arm the system again remotely. We design your security system to notify you when it goes into an alarm state via text message.  Because of this feature, many of our clients choose not to have their system monitored – saving them the cost and hassle of dealing with a security company.




Cameras can be viewed on your phone at any time. We can set up your system so that if there is any motion detected while you are away you receive a motion sensor alert with a captured image.  A short video is also recorded and saved for you to view on your phone or tablet at any time.  Knowing what is happening at all times brings peace of mind – especially while you are traveling!



When lighting control is added to your Control4 system, it can really enhance your daily lives. We program several lights to turn on at certain levels to create “lighting scenes”.  Some common lighting scenes are for watching TV, evening, or entertaining.  For example, with the touch of a button, the kitchen lights dim down for dinner, creating the perfect scene for a romantic evening.  We can also have soft jazz music come on at the same time at a volume perfect for dinner conversation. People also enjoy having exterior lights come on in the evening automatically with the sunset or shutting off all the lights when they go to sleep or leave the house. Each button on the keypad is engraved with an LED light so that it is easy to read in the dark.



Home Theater

We design custom theaters to give you the complete surround sound theater experience in your own home.  We have different speaker design options for you to create the perfect look and sound in your home theater. Our speaker design will allow you to experience the movie as it was intended on the big screen.  The best part is, that you don’t have to leave your home.