Custom Designed Home Technology

What do we bring to the table to you as a builder?

You build the home, we bring it to life!

We assist builders with what is the best technology that people are asking for in today’s homes.

We advise on the easiest, simplest and most cost effective tech that our clients are happy with and enjoy using.

What can you do to make the house more technology ready?

  • Wireless technology can be a good solution in some cases, but can still be subject to interference.  A hardwire connection is always best.
  • Run low-voltage Cat6 wire everywhere that piece of equipment might be.
  • Ceiling mount access points are best for full home WiFi coverage.
  • Running Cat6 for security cameras and a video doorbell is a good idea.
  • Make sure to run speaker wire for the movie room.

Do you need to call us before you build every house?

Not necessarily, especially if you build spec homes.  If you prefer, you can build the house as you normally do and then we can come by afterwards and install the technology that the client would like such as TVs, music, security, etc.

For custom homes, at what stage should you contact us for a custom design?

Generally speaking, it would be best to contact us after you have secured the bid, but before you start construction.  We can work from the prints to give the client an estimate.

Depending on what exactly the client would like to have in their new home, most of what we do will not affect the original house design.  However, there may be some changes if the client would like such items as motorized TV mounts or centralized lighting.  For that reason, the sooner we are consulted, the better.

Some of our standout features:

  • We always come in on budget.  No surprise costs to the invoice at the end.
  • Your clients will stay in the know and always be aware what stage we are at through our client process and communication.
  • We stay in good communication with you, as the builder, from project start to finish.
  • We provide a full 1-year warranty.
  • We help the client use the technology afterwards. Upon project completion, we do a walk-through and tutorial with our clients. They can call us anytime afterwards for support.
  • We believe in mutually beneficial business relationships. We love business collaboration and helping another business grow at the same time as our own.

Custom Installations

Control4 Home Automation features

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  • TV Installations

    We will hang the TV on the wall for you starting at $300 per TV including the mount. Hide the cable box and AppleTV for a clean look. TV sound can be played through a soundbar or in-ceiling speakers.

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  • Music Systems

    In-ceiling speakers throughout your home. Play music from your smartphone to your speakers. Save your favorite playlists to touchscreens or keypad buttons for quick access.

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  • Security

    A proper wired security system is the best way to go, not relying on battery devices. Arm and disarm your security system from your smart phone.

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  • Video Distribution

    All your TVs can access the same Apple TV or cable boxes. Your devices, such as Apple TVs and cable boxes can be stored on an equipment rack in your mechanical room.

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  • Cameras

    View the outside of your home anytime, whether home or away. See if a package arrived or keep an eye on the kids in the yard. You will have access to 2 weeks of recordings.


  • Camera Doorbell

    Use your smartphone to see and communicate with the person at your door. View history to see who visited your home or if a package was left.

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  • Lighting Controls

    Replace multiple switches on your wall with just one keypad. Control and dim your lights using your phone. Keypad buttons can also be used to play a music playlist, open/close shades, or as a goodnight button to turn off everything in the house. We can program lighting scenes where multiple lights turn on with one button.

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  • Motorized Shades

    Choose between wired or wireless shades as part of a smart home system. We can program the shades to automatically open or close at a certain time of the day. You also have control with your smart phone or keypad buttons.

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  • Network

    We ensure you have access to high speed WiFi throughout your home for easy music, and TV streaming for your entire family. Secure and reliable network for those working or studying from home. Parental controls to turn on/off WiFi. Guest WiFi accounts for visitors.

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