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Control Your Home

Controllers + Equipment Storage

Controlling homes is the heart of what we do! The controller you need will depend on the size of your home and the number of features. The controller can run many features of your home including music, lighting, TVs, security, temperature, cameras, & shades.

All controllers are stored in an enclosed rack in your mechanical room. An enclosed rack will increase the longevity of your equipment and keep it a proper temperature.

The packages below include the following:

  • An enclosed rack to keep your controller and other equipment safe and cool
  • A Control4 System Controller (medium and large packages)
  • All necessary cables
  • Installation

Small Equipment Storage (no controller)


Medium Project Controller EA-3 and Equipment storage


Large Project Controller EA-5 and Equipment storage


TV Installation

TV + Video

Wall mounting your TVs looks great and keeps your home clutter free. TV wall mounting at $300 per TV–including a flat mount.

Once you purchase your TV, we take care of everything from unboxing to installation and setup. No cords or cables showing. Choose from popular upgrades to enhance your TV watching experience.

Additional features you can add:

  • Choose your mount tilt: flat, tilting, slim, articulating, motorized
  • Premium sound: Add a soundbar or link TV audio to In-Ceiling Speakers
  • All your apps, one remote: Universal remotes for each TV available
  • Keep it clean: Hide the cable box, Apple TV, etc. behind the TV

Upgrade to an articulating mount


Cable box hidden behind TV


Cable box stored on equipment rack


Improve sound with a Sonos Arc Soundbar


The Music Lover

Audio + Music

Fill your home with music by adding in-ceiling speakers to one or many rooms.  Play music from your smartphone to your speakers.  Save your favorite playlists to touch screens or keypad buttons around your house for quick access.

For all Music Lover packages below you can:

  • Play and control music from your phone using music streaming services
  • Airplay to one room with speakers or multiple rooms simultaneously
  • Play music to individual rooms or all rooms simultaneously

*As part of a Control4 system.

Single Room Audio


Four Room Audio


Eight Room Audio


Movie Room

Movie + Surround Sound

Skip the theater and watch movies with surround sound in your own home.  Add one of our popular audio packages to complement your TV with incredible sound.  Choose from in-ceiling, on-wall, or tower speakers for your movie room.

Regarding our packages:

  • Choose a popular package or contact us for a custom quote!
  • Packages include all equipment to complete your ideal movie room

You can also include the following features in your theater:

  • Universal remote for full movie control, including even dimming the lights!
  • Projector and screen available for the ultimate movie experience – contact us for pricing

TV Upgraded sound – Enhance your TV room with a sub and soundbar for enhanced sound


Full sound+ minimalist look – fill your TV room sound with 5 in-ceiling speakers, and subwoofer


Best of both worlds – great sound and miminalist look – On-wall/in-ceiling combination, and subwoofer


Tower Speaker for the ultimate audio experience – Includes Monitor Audio’s Silver towers and Subwoofer


WiFi 6 Everywhere

Internet + WiFi

Working WiFi everywhere in the house. Mesh network so you will always have the best connection. The latest WiFi 6 for all your devices. Hard wired internet connection for TVs, media players and desktop computers.

All packages include the following:

  • Ceiling mounted WiFi access points for the best coverage
  • Business-class router and network switch for top performance
  • Data outlets in rooms where needed, such as your home office

Small home – 2 Access Points


Mid-Sized home – 3 Access Points


Large Home – 5 Access Points


Safe & Secure

Monitoring + Security

Feel safe knowing your home is protected, whether you are asleep or away from home.  Arm and disarm, and even see if doors or windows are open (or when they were last opened) all from your smartphone.

Available features with your security system when accompanied with a monthly subscription for monitoring:

  • Arm and disarm from your smartphone
  • See a history of when sensors were last activated
  • Add offsite monitoring so your home is secure when you are not home
  • See the activity of other users on your account

All packages are priced for wired systems.

Package details:

  • Basic: Great for a simple daily use, just to make sure no one is entering your home when they shouldn’t be. Includes 4 sensors.*
  • Standard: This system is better equipped for homes where no one will be home for several days at time.  Includes smoke, CO and flood sensors.  Includes 16 sensors.*
  • Comprehensive: For peace of mind at all times.  This system is great for larger homes where all access points are covered.  Includes automatic water shut-off in case of flooding.  Includes 33 sensors.*

*The exact type of sensors and how many may change depending on what your specific needs are for your home.

Basic Security System


Standard Security System


Comprehensive Security System


Security Cameras

Cameras + Recording

Security Cameras give you access to what is happening around your home at any time.  Keep an eye on the kids in the yard or see if there is a package on your front step.  Easily access previous recordings to view past events.

The packages below include the following:

  • View your cameras on your phone or on a dedicated monitor.
  • Video is recorded to a hard drive you can access any time.
  • Easily view several weeks of recorded video.
  • The 2 Camera and 4 Camera Packages include 4 Megapixel Cameras
  • The 4K packages include 8 Megapixel Cameras

Two Camera Package


Four Camera Package


Four Camera Package - 4K


Eight Camera Package - 4K


The Wonders of Lighting Control

Control + Lighting

Good lighting in the home is all about visual comfort and easy control. Set your ideal brightness settings and save them for one-click access. See what lights are on in your home from your phone and adjust. Automate your outdoor lights to turn on when it gets dark.

The packages below include the following:

  • Custom settings for the brightness of each dimmer for you
  • Keypad buttons engraved so you know what each button does
  • Add additional control to your lighting keypad buttons such as music playlists or shades

Basic lighting – 10 devices


Centralized lighting – 36 devices


About our packages

It’s important to note

  • Do not include the in-wall wiring during construction.
  • Contact us for further details and pricing
  • Includes a full 1 year warranty
  • Includes a consultation and support for your new feature or system.

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