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Services include the installation labour in the price.  Products and Control4 pricing is just for the product alone.

The biggest benefit is that you can custom design how the home will function to fit you and your family.  You can add as many or as little features to your system.  Some of the bigger benefits include

  1. Having a single app to operate your home is simple and easy to use.
  2. Keeping your home safe and secure. The cameras, a security system and video doorbell are all integrated into one system to make sure your home stays safe. With a Control4 system, we can even program lights or TVs to come on at certain times while you are away to make it look like you are home.
  3. Lighting Control. One of our client’s favorite features is being able to shut down the home (all lighting, for example) with a “goodnight” button at the end of the day.
  4. Easily playing music in different rooms of your home. Your kids can play their own music in a separate room, too.
  5. You can keep an eye on the kids in the yard from a screen in your office.
  6. Keypad locks ensure no family members are locked out.

This is a common question! The success of a Control4 system is dependent on the installer. Like all technology, sometimes components fail. Unfortunately, if you know someone with a system with constant problems, it is likely the installer. Also, a reputable installer will warranty all products and services and be there when you need them. At Peak Lifestyles, we not only design systems that work, but we are a phone call away if need be.

  1. Even though wireless is greatly improved, wired connections are still the best. Wired connections allow for higher data transfer that is much more stable.
  2. Once we design your system, we will wire your home using Cat6 wire, speaker wire and security wiring.
    If you have extra features in mind–such as adding a TV in the spare bedroom or in-ceiling speakers–but haven’t decided yet, we can pre-wire your home to easily add features later.
  3. If you don’t plan to install a Home Security System right away, we still recommend pre-wiring these areas in case you change your mind–not to mention it’s a great selling point.

The more features you install, the more you can control. Below are some examples of some useful features:

  1. You can dim the lights with your remote control so you don’t have to get up.
  2. Receive a notification if someone forgot to close the garage door.
  3. A light comes on instead of a door chime to indicate someone is at the door while your baby is sleeping.
  4. When you come home at the end of the day, the garage door opening triggers the lights to come on, the fireplace to come on and soft music to welcome you home!
  5. Motion sensors in key areas automatically turn on the light when you enter a room (mudroom or panty for example).
  6. Press a keypad button on the wall to instantly play your favorite music collection through the in-ceiling speakers.
  7. Keep an eye on your home while away with access to live camera views.
  1. DIY “home automation” consists of a number of products available that give you web access as well as communicate with each other.  These systems are best for those who have a minimum level of technical ability plus time. These DIYs tend to be more affordable for those with budgeting concerns.
  2. Professionally installed systems, like Peak Lifestyle provides, are designed to address the day-to-day functionality one would expect from a home automation system.  A Control4 system includes lighting, music, security, cameras, temperature all in one system controlled with one easy app. Components such as wired security system, 7.1 surround sound home theatre, and hard-wired internet connections are examples of professionally-installed advantages.
  1. We help you navigate which technologies are important to you and your family for your home.
  2. Professional installation of all equipment in your home such as WiFi, TVs, cameras.
  3. You will always have someone to call when you need technical support.

Yes! With Control4, you can make some of your own programming changes without having to call us. To find out more about programming your own system with Control4’s When/Then feature, Contact Us today!

Different components vary in replacement times. Your wiring infrastructure and components like speakers, security systems, and lighting will generally last as long as the house is standing.  Most of the components, amplifiers, lighting will last 10 years +.

All projects come with a complete one year warranty. If a component in your system fails within one year, we will replace that component at no charge to you.

Yes. You can control the lighting, music and TV with Amazon Alexa.

  1. Control4 offers the ability to have remote access into your system while away from home with your smartphone for an annual fee of $120.  This is optional.
  2. Offsite security monitoring is available starting at $24.95.

Control4 by far is the most versatile and least expensive.  Control4 is consistently updating its tech to be compatible with as many other products as possible. This allows us to use the products that will give you the best experience possible.  And because Control4 is the top professionally installed home automation system out there, many top companies choose to work with them such as Spotify, Samsung, Marantz, Sonos, Apple, Kwikset and Sony to name a few.

Although Lutron and Control4 lighting is similarly priced, you can do so much more with the Control4 lighting keypads. In addition to creating the perfect lighting scenes with the press of a button, Control4 keypads can also be programmed to control your music, open and close your automated shades, control your TVs or arm the security to name a few.

Yes of course! Many people either do not need a control system in their home or for one reason or another choose not to use Control4. We will help you design your new home with TVs, in-ceiling speakers, lighting control, automated shades, security and cameras all without using Control4.

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