The programmed light settings are our favorite feature. Really enjoy having the preset options like evening setting, breakfast setting, dining,… movie time.

briar hill living room tv

Installation Highlights

Control4 lighting control
Customized lighting scenes for each room
In-ceiling speakers
Control4 distributed audio throughout the house
In the Kitchen
Motorized pop-up hidden TV
Hidden video sources
Control4 video distribution


In the Theater
Large 135-inch projector screen with LED kit
Front theater speakers
Hidden front speakers behind perforated screen
In the theater
Powerful 500Watt subwoofer

We really enjoyed designing our Control 4 system with Jade as he brings a practical approach to home automation in terms of functionality and budget. Follow-up support has also been timely and accurate with Jade and Pam. They really know their stuff.

The flexibility of switching different tvs to apple tv or shaw cable throughout the house is also great.